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Tuition & Enrollment

Tuition Rates

Early Bird

The Early Bird Program begins at 6:30am. Children arriving before 7:00am will be charged an extra fee of $1.00 per child per morning used. This fee will be added to your regular monthly charge.

School Programs

After-School Program
Registration: $100
Cost: $117 weekly

Summer Program
Registration: $100
Cost: $175 weekly

Registration and Tuition Rates

Registration fees are due at time of enrollment and annually. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Registration Fee: $100 per child annually

Infant (6 weeks - 11 months): $184 weekly
Toddler (12-23 months): $177 weekly
Two-year-old: $174 weekly
3- to 5-year-old: $171 weekly

Accounts are charged on Fridays for the upcoming weekend

Our program is customized to your child’s progress, needs and development stage.
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